Things to Know

Hairston Park is a 33-acre jewel that serves a huge area of DeKalb County.  The next closest park is Wade Walker, and access from the Hairston Park neighborhood requires a 1.5-hour walk or a car.

Key Facts  

  • Within a 1-mile ring of the park: 11,345 people
  • Within a 3-mile ring of the park: 92, 585
  • Within a 5-mile ring of the park: 228,830
  • 37.3% percent of the households have children
  • 29.3% percent of the population is 19 years old or younger

A brief look back

Hairston Park is in the middle of exciting changes that are already attracting more people to the park.  The good news began in 2017 District 4 Commissioner Steve Bradshaw committed $142,000 of park bond funds to the Friends of Hairston Park for a new playground, pavilion, and other amenities in Hairston Park.  The DeKalb Department of Recreation Parks and Cultural Affairs committed close to $100,000.  The playground opened in 2018, and construction is expected to start this year on the pavilion, kiosk, sidewalk entrance improvements, water fountain, and new park furniture. 

In 2017, the Friends of Hairston Park received a Park Pride $10,000 grant and a UPS $15,000 grant to purchase and install 7 fitness stations. The grand opening of the playground and fitness stations was in July 2018, and they are getting tremendous use. Commissioner Gregory Adams committed $70,000.00 for the use of park improvements.

In 2018, Commissioner Bradshaw announced that a 21,000-square-foot community center will be built on the north end of the park, near Elam Road. The center will provide meals and activities for seniors, and an indoor swimming pool, gum and meeting rooms for use by all ages.  Groundbreaking is expected in Spring 2021.

The Friends of Hairston Park has provided input on the need to connect the Center and the neighborhood on the north end to the rest of the park with both natural and semi-hard pedestrian paths. 

Trails at Hairston Park

Click here to see the MANY PATHS we hope to connect in the park.