About Us

Our Roots…

Enhancing Our Park and Bridging Communities

The Friends of Hairston Park is a registered “Friends of the Park” group of Park Pride. Founded February 2017, a group of members within The Greater Hidden Hills Community Development Corporation (GHHCDC) saw a need to restore and beautify the underserved park in our community.

Within months, our group expanded beyond its original members and now includes other park advocates.

We are community members who come together volunteering our time, expertise, energy, and talents to create “A Great Place To Be”, where friends and families can gather. We are committed to initiating and promoting beautification projects and environmental education within Hairston Park, and look forward to future partnerships with other park enthusiasts.

What we do

  • We Beautify
  • We Create
  • We Educate
  • We Advocate


A Proud Partner of Park Pride


Friends of the Park groups tie into the core values of DeKalb County’s Park Pride by creating the framework for an inclusive, collaborative, and systemic approach to transforming green spaces. Despite differences in size and scope, every Friends of the Park group features a group of park users (and community and business leaders) actively working to improve one or more parks in a defined geographical area – usually a neighborhood.